Bus Driver Forces Crying Toddler To Stand Because Spot For Stroller Is Taken By Cat In A Pram

by Emerald Pellot
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Mia Wilson was ready to board a bus in England when she says the driver told another mom that she couldn’t ride unless her toddler stood up.

The driver said there was no space for her stroller. Mia says the space reserved for baby carriages was taken up by a cat in a pram. The driver then told the passenger to fold her stroller or wait for another bus.

“I just found it ridiculous that a cat in a pram would take priority over a child in a pram,” Mia said. “The driver on the bus said she either had to wait for the next bus or fold her pram down, and she had loads of things under her pram, making it hard for her to fold down.”

Mia even tried to intervene to help the mother.

“I told the driver there was a cat in the pram, not a baby. And he just said that the lady had to fold the pram down or not get on… but he didn’t say much, to be honest,” Mia recalls.

The bus driver still refused to compromise. Mia asked the woman with the cat if she would budge, but she wouldn’t.

“The lady just got on and thanked me for helping her. She had to put her pram down, and her child was crying,” she said.

She took a photo and shared it on social media, believing the incident to be ridiculous.

“Surely there was another way of transporting a cat… like a standard cat carrier — like most people use,” she said.

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