Hilarious Photo Series Parodies Maternity Photo Shoots — With A Burrito!

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

It seems like these days everyone needs to photograph everything all the time, whether it’s a selfie snapped on a phone or a fully professional photo shoot.

Our entire lives are documented.

It’s a great way to make lasting memories of important milestones like weddings and births, but even then, sometimes we need to be brought back down to Earth and realize how having a photo shoot for everything is a little much.

Other people roll their eyes at photo shoots because they see them as upholding the idea that there’s only one way to have a successful life — by marrying and having kids.

But not everyone wants that, and so some of them have decided to subvert the photo shoot to declare their love to other things.

A while ago, a 19-year-old happily single student staged an engagement-style photo shoot expressing her undying love for pizza.

Now, comedian couple M.K. Paulsen and Ella Gale have decided to show the world their undying love for the thing that cements them and completes them as a family, bringing them together like never before: burritos.

Together with photographer Erin Holsonback, they created the heart (and stomach)-warming series Burrito Makes Three. Check it out below, and see the joy that burritos really bring.

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Here’s the happy couple cradling their bundle of joy.

M.K. and Ella made sure to hit all of the standard — some might say cliched — new parent poses.

We still don’t know what kind of burrito it is, so maybe they’ll do a “flavor reveal” shoot soon.

On the site dedicated to their bundle of joy, M.K. writes, “After a difficult delivery, Ella and I are absolutely THRILLED to share these pictures of our perfectly loved new little burrito.”

And if you’ve ever had a burrito of your own, you can certainly understand their bliss.

Erin Holsonback, the photographer, has shot quite a few real couple and maternity photo series, but likes to show her sillier side, too.

And with her experience, the shoot has everything — the soft lighting and muted tones, plus the emphasis on the natural beauty and glowing skin of the proud mom.

And it wouldn’t be complete without some of those awkward nude shots, either.

Of course, the burrito kept its wrappings on. You wouldn’t want it to get chilled!

The love expressed in these photos is truly magical, and we can all learn a lesson about the transcendent love that Mexican food brings us.

You can see more of this heartwarming shoot on the Burrito Makes Three website, and check out more of Holsonback’s photography on her site, too.

And if you know someone who loves baby photo shoots and/or Mexican food, you’ll want to SHARE this beautiful series with them, too, and show them the magic of family.