Burn Survivor Puts Pregnant Belly On Display In Maternity Shoot 15 Years After Explosion

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

In 2001, when Andrea Grant was about 8, a fire completely devastated her home. A gas leak caused an explosion that didn’t just burn the house, it also burned her skin. She and her brother both miraculously survived, all their limbs still intact. They left the hospital healing from the ordeal, though scars would remain.

Fifteen years later, she’s still living with the results of that terrible day. The burn survivor was told that, if she were to get pregnant, her child would not survive past the fourth month of pregnancy. It would be hard for her belly to stretch as much as it needed to accommodate a growing child.

But Andrea didn’t just defy the odds by getting pregnant. At 41 weeks along, she was well on her way to delivering a healthy baby. Her secret? Applying lotion twice a day to keep her skin elastic.

She also founded a group called Beyond Scars to help burn victims and survivors such as herself.

And it’s how she celebrated her pregnancy that went viral! She proudly and confidently bared her scarred belly for a beautiful photo shoot.

Now, Andrea has a beautiful, healthy, and happy baby boy!

Watch the clip to see pictures of the mom and to know more about her incredible journey.

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