Heartbroken Widow Checks Security Camera To Find Suspect Spent 12 Hours Burglarizing Her Home

by Amy Paige
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Barbara Love, a widow from Oklahoma, was staying at her grandson’s house while her home was under construction.

Little did she know that someone was taking advantage of her and her property.

Barbara came home one day to find countless personal items missing. When she checked her home security cameras, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

An unknown woman was caught coming in and out of Barbara’s home all day long, stealing nearly everything she owned. And that’s not the craziest part.

The burglary lasted 12 hours straight. The woman walked away with trash bags full of Barbara’s belongings, like her television, computer, furniture, and even her towels and miscellaneous bath supplies.

The most heartbreaking theft of all was her jewelry, because Barbara’s husband had it special-made for her before he died.

“I’m still missing things because, with it all tore up and you know, and everything stuck from room to room, we’re just discovering things,” she said.

Watch the video below to see the 12-hour burglary in progress, and what Barbara is doing about it now.

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