Rescue Workers Called To Same Burger King Parking Lot 2 Nights In A Row To Deliver Babies

by Morgan Greenwald
Morgan is a writer on the branded content team who loves breakfast food almost as much as she loves dogs.

As hard as we try to plan things in advance, there are some activities that just can’t be anticipated, like going into labor.

Some women are in labor for days, while others are fortunate enough to have their children in less than an hour. For two moms in Denville, New Jersey, a quick labor resulted in giving birth in the same parking lot of the same Burger King — on the same weekend.

Denville police were first called to the Burger King parking lot on Friday, September 8, when the first mom was on her way to the hospital with contractions but got stuck in traffic and had to pull over. Before they knew it, the officers were helping her give birth at Burger King.

“The contractions came full force, and the next thing you know, the water’s breaking and the baby’s on its way,” one responder told the Associated Press.

To everyone’s surprise, the same thing happened the very next night, and the officers were forced to deliver yet another baby in the same Burger King parking lot.

“We look at our pagers and go, ‘This is a joke,'” responders said. “‘This can’t be two nights in a row, the same exact thing.’

“Sure enough — we get down there, and it is.”

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