Tiny Bunny Tries A Banana For The First Time And Totally Loves It

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

If my mom really wants to get her pups’ attention, she knows she only has to say one word: Scooby.

It’s not that they’re huge fans of the animated canine mystery series, but they are totally obsessed with the dog biscuits that feature his name!

My mom can’t even say things that sound vaguely the same without them going off in a frenzy of fur.

We all have our favorite meal or snack item, and animals are clearly no different! The tiny critter in the video below has definitely found one of his new taste-bud tingling treats as he happily noshes on a yummy banana.

The itty-bitty bunny keeps his ears folded back for optimum approach with each adorable nibble. He may be a petite fella, but that doesn’t stop him from keeping a very firm grip on the fruit between his fluffy front paws.

I’ll be honest, watching his sweet face enjoying the healthy meal so much definitely makes me want to look into bringing home my own bunny buddy! Although, I might end up overfeeding the cutie if they’re half as precious as this charming chomper.

And of course, it’s never a good idea to adopt animals willy-nilly. You need to take the time to research all the proper care and upkeep in order to make sure you keep them happy campers.

While I figure out if I’m up to the task, I think I’ll go ahead and watch this a few more times.

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