Bullies Get Revenge On Student Who Defended Teacher From Harassment But Now She’s Firing Back

by Emerald Pellot
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Andrea Crawford’s unruly classmates were so cruel, they actually caused several teachers to quit.

For years, Andrea was the target of those bullies — all because she’d decided to do the right thing one day.

“An elderly man came back from retirement, but as he was leading a lesson, one of the pupils threw a book and a plastic bottle at his face and called him horrible names,” Andrea told SWNS.

“I turned around and said to them: ‘That’s not right.’ And they haven’t liked the fact I was trying to be nice about the situation. Ever since then, the group tried to make my life hell.”

But the bullying Andrea received wasn’t just cruel words and cyberbullying. A gang of students actually attacked her.

“Later that day I was attacked in the playground in front of the entire school, including the deputy head teacher,” she said. “There was about 10 girls, and all the rest of the school were looking and laughing at me being beaten up in front of absolutely everybody.”

Andrea would go to school, be bullied, then return home to be bullied on social media. Her way of coping became writing and performing music. Eventually, after she shared her music on Youtube, she was contacted by a London-based record company.

Now she is releasing a debut single, “Trip and Fall,” as an anti-bullying anthem.

“I want it to inspire others and raise awareness that there’s always help available to them — no matter how bad things may be,” she said.

Now Andrea’s song gets played at her school assemblies, and she is able to spread positivity at the place where she was once tormented.

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