Bullied Teen Is Too Scared To Go To Prom Until Mom’s Heartbreaking Photo Reaches 120 Bikers

by Amy Paige
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Shannon Purcifer, 16, suffers from arthritis and ulcerative colitis, a chronic condition that can cause periods of severe cramping, pain, and discomfort.

The teen had to miss many days of school because she was in and out of the hospital so often.

Despite her health battles, Shannon looked forward to the night of her prom and bought the perfect $600 dress months in advance.

But when prom night rolled around, Shannon never walked through the doors. You see, she’d been the target of bullies for the 18 months leading up to the big event. All because of her illness, she was called names, intimidated, and physically attacked on a regular basis.

She ultimately made the heartbreaking decision to stay home and miss prom entirely.

Shannon’s mom, Claire, was so upset to see her daughter so defeated that she took to Facebook to vent — and included a photo of Shannon wearing the dress she would have worn to prom.

“She had been looking forward to it for months but the bullying got so bad she knew she wouldn’t enjoy it if she went,” Claire wrote. “She agonized over it for a while but we knew maybe two months beforehand that her heart wasn’t in it. She’d had enough. With all the things she’s been going through with her health and trying to study for GCSEs, the bullying has just taken its toll.”

But Shannon and her mom never expected the Facebook post would reach so many people … and one group in particular whom no one would want to upset.

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