Teen Bullied For Her Nose, So Doctor Performs Free Plastic Surgery For First Day Of School

by Kim Wong-Shing
Kim Wong-Shing is a staff writer at LittleThings. Her work spans beauty, wellness, pop culture, identity, food, and other topics. She is a contributing writer at NaturallyCurly, and her work has also appeared in HelloGiggles, Lifehacker, Wear Your Voice Magazine, and other outlets. She grew up in Philadelphia, attended Brown University, and is now based in New Orleans.

A California teen underwent plastic surgery to change her nose, just in time for the start of the school year.

Elisa Chaddock has been teased about her nose for years. Now a high school sophomore in Orange County, California, the harsh comments became too much for her to bear any longer.

“A lot of people call me shark, toucan, big nose,” Elisa told Inside Edition. “Hammerhead shark, to be specific.”

“That’s really hard for me because I do have a name and I am a person.”

Elisa grew to resent the bump on her nose so much that she couldn’t see anything else when she looked in the mirror.

Going to school was even more difficult.

“It’s just like I want to hide or I want to put my head down,” she said.

“It just killed me inside,” Elisa’s mom, Laurie, said.

So they reached out to the Magic Mirror Foundation. To their surprise, plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole offered to do the cosmetic surgery for free.

“These kids are constantly being teased, and you know, you want to do something for them,” Dr. Niccole said.

Elisa underwent the knife to straighten the bridge of her nose; she received a chin implant, too. Now that she has the nose of her dreams, she can’t wait to go back to school.

“I see such a dramatic change in her. She’s just a much happier girl,” Laurie reported.

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