Man Tangled Up In Property Dispute Over Building On Lawn Arrives Home To Find It Sliced In Half

by Amy Paige
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Brett Galloway claims his local officials constructed a building that was partly situated on his property in Ruggles Township, Ohio. The small building was reportedly used to store equipment.

For nearly a year, Brett says he tried everything he could to find resolution, from filing complaints to negotiating with local leaders — but found it impossible to find a common ground.

To make matters even more difficult, Brett says he has another unrelated property issue already in court.

Brett never did reach an agreement with the township — and that’s when officials literally sliced the building in two!

They also placed a fence straight down the property line, along with a no trespassing sign.

“I don’t know who would think this is a good idea. I can’t use my property and they lost a building,” Brett told WJW. “It is pretty much the most ridiculous thing ever.”

The county prosecutor, on the other hand, is now telling a different side of the story …

Footage provided by WJW Cleveland 

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