Principal Rushes To Choking Student, But Friend Gets There First And Grabs Him From Behind

by Jess Butler
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It was corn dog day at Buford Academy in Georgia, when an unexpected emergency took over the students’ lunch period.

Fifth-graders Hayden Gower, Bryce Greeson, and Xander Benitez were all sitting together as they usually do. Soon, it became clear that this wouldn’t be an ordinary day of school.

The students were all enjoying their lunch when Xander noticed Bryce acting a little off.

“He just never acts like that and I knew it was weird,” Xander explains in the video below, posted on February 3, 2017. “And he was, like, struggling to breathe.”

Xander knew that something was wrong with Bryce and realized he had a piece of corn dog lodged in his throat.

He alerted their other friend at the table by yelling, “He’s choking! He’s choking!”

Soon, the cafeteria grew into a massive frenzy over Bryce’s emergency. The principal, Kaleen Pulley, heard all the screaming, but before she could reach Bryce, another hero stepped in. Hayden got up and wrapped his arms around his choking friend’s stomach from behind.

With a big thrust, Hayden successfully popped the piece of food out of Bryce’s mouth and saved his life.

But what’s the most amazing part of this story? Hayden says he’d never even learned the Heimlich maneuver.

Bryce confesses, “It felt like the entire world’s weight was on my shoulders and whenever Hayden gave me the Heimlich maneuver, it felt like it was lifted all off.” Thanks to his two friends by his side, Bryce is glad to be breathing again.

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