Buff Dad Wears Tutu For Ballet Class When Daughter Invites Him Instead Of Her Pregnant Mom

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

One look at Thanh Tran, and you might think this super-buff dad likes only “manly” things. But when his daughter, Adriana, asked if he’d participate in her ballet class, he couldn’t say no.

His little girl even convinced him to put on a black tutu for the occasion — and he rocked it.

While there was one more dad in the class, Thanh was the only one who dressed up.

“She thought it would be really funny to see her dad wearing the tutu, so I agreed — to make her happy,” the dad told Love What Maters. “She was very proud of me and told me she loved me 20-something times.”

Thanh’s wife, Rebecca, filmed the adorable duo dancing together. The expecting mom sat out this parents’ night, since her daughter said she wanted her daddy to do ballet with her instead.

Keep scrolling to see the adorable photos of the daughter-daddy duo practicing ballet together.

Thanh Tran is a fitness-obsessed dad who has a daughter named Adriana.

Adriana asked her dad if he’d participate in her ballet class with him.

“She said it’s because ‘I’m pregnant,'” Rebecca, Adriana’s mom, wrote on Instagram. “I made sure to find my tutu from a Halloween costume and Adriana talked him into wearing it to class.”

Rebecca is expecting the couple’s second child and was more than happy to record the daughter-and-daddy ballet class.

Thanh had no problem getting into the black tutu and joining his daughter’s class.

“Dad life 101, you participate in every parent night no matter what it is,” the dad wrote on Instagram. “Even if it calls for [a] tutu for ballet night.”

Thanh listened to the ballet teacher and tried out all of the moves. Despite being a fitness enthusiast, he said ballet was tough.

“Not gonna lie, my calves and toes were cramping up,” he admitted on Instagram.

Rebecca posted a couple of videos on her Instagram page that show just how much fun her hubby was having.

There’s no doubt that Adriana appreciated her dad saying “yes” to putting on a tutu and dancing.

“God teaching my husband patience,” Rebecca wrote on Instagram about her hubby being the only boy in the family.

The entire family had so much fun at ballet. Even though it was a small gesture, it’s one that will stick with his daughter forever.

Thanh had no regrets about joining his daughter in ballet. “The look back smile from her made it all worth it,” he wrote on Instagram.

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