Dog Leads Confused Mom To Dark Pond And Discovers Missing Elderly Woman Knee-Deep In Water

by Mauricio Castillo
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A dog named after Batman is being credited with helping a woman get back home to her family instead of remaining lost in a pond.

According to FOX10 Phoenix, Abby Leathers noticed her dog behaving oddly while they were both at home.

Her rescue dog, Bruce, scratched at the door, seemingly desperate to be let outside. Eventually Abby obliged his request. Bruce instantly rushed out the door like he was on a mission.

Abby told FOX10 Phoenix that he darted straight to a nearby pond. She followed Bruce all the way to the water, noticing that he appeared to know exactly where and why he was heading toward it.

When they arrived, a shocked Abby saw an elderly woman in the water.

Abby told FOX the woman didn’t speak English, and they couldn’t communicate properly. “She was standing two or three feet down, up to her knees in the water,” she said.

Eventually, Abby coaxed her out of the pond, wrapped her in a blanket, and called 911.

While the authorities arrived and paramedics tended to the woman, her family called the police. They were trying to report her missing, unaware that Abby and Bruce had already found her.

“I would never have known she was out there. She could have frozen. She could have drowned,” Abby said. “Thanks to Bruce, she got to go home.”

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Photos: FOX10 Phoenix

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