Teen Is Humiliated And Kicked Out Of School For Having Brown Hair

by Emerald Pellot
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Rylee MacKay knows the school’s rules. When she went to get a new dye job, she specifically brought a paper copy of the school’s strict grooming and dress code.

The last thing she wanted was to get in trouble.

Her plan was foiled.

The Utah student had the hairdresser dye her hair a mix of dark brown with a little red. Nothing over the top or unnatural, as the dress code states. The teachers were still fed up with her hair.

“All I wanted to do was just get back to school,” MacKay, 15, said. “They told me it looked like the pink had gone out, and I told them that there had never been any pink in it. In the light, he said it was pinkish purplish.”

It seems a bit odd to prioritize how a teen’s hair might look in direct sunlight over her education, but the administration held firm.

“He told me I had to have it fixed by the next day, or I couldn’t come back to school,” she said.

The Washington County School District dress code prohibits “extreme hairstyles” and states that “hair colors should be within the spectrum of color that hair grows naturally.”

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