Coast Guard Rescues 2 Brothers Stranded On Post In The Ocean During Tropical Storm

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Sometimes, there’s no way of knowing what lies ahead. Whether we’re talking about the near future, or far.

When we get down to it, we have to be able to get through whatever life throws at us.

Unfortunately, for these two young brothers, that meant braving the face of a storm in the middle of the ocean.

These two men, Tung Le, 47, and Thanh Le, 41, decided to take their boat out for a ride in Tampa Bay, Florida. Whether they knew it or not, tropical storm “Emily” was on her way. To make matters worse, their motor died at the worst time possible.

Somehow, thankfully, they were able to use the storm’s wind to move them to a navigation light.

They climbed up to safety and were able to tie their boat up, too. The Le brothers were lucky — there were some serious waves crashing just 30 feet below them. The water most certainly could have reached them in no time.

Thankfully, the coast guard, alerted about the men out on the water, found them just in time.

Hopefully, these two will check the weather and their engine before going out into the ocean next time, right? Either way, when everyone ends up safe, it’s a happy ending.

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