Brothers Race Against Train Schedule To Save Trapped Turtle

by Rebecca Landman
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A few years back, two brothers went out on a stroll along a nearby set of local railroad tracks, and spotted him.

A snapping turtle had wedged himself in between two tracks and was now stuck.

Animals lovers that they are, these two brothers immediately jumped to this struggling turtle’s aid. First, they tried prying him out of the tracks themselves — a choice most animal rescuers would sternly advise against, for fear of provoking attack.

While this turtle didn’t attack his heroes, he did aggressively resist their pulling. So, the brothers decided to call animal control for backup.

With a few more animal control volunteers on their side, these rescuers were able to finally free the poor turtle from his train track entrapment — well before the next oncoming train was slated to pass through the area.

Thanks to these helping hands, this lucky turtle was gifted a second chance at life.

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turtle rescue

When two brothers were out for a walk beside some train tracks a few years back, they stumbled across a sorry sight.

A snapping turtle had fallen into the train tracks and gotten himself totally stuck.

turtle rescue

The brothers tried to pry the little turtle loose, but he resisted their help.

Not wanting to anger the turtle further and risk violent retaliation, the brothers promptly called animal control for help.

turtle rescue

Once a few animal control representatives arrived, they all worked together to wriggle this little guy free.

turtle rescue

With a decent dose of teamwork, these diligent animal lovers finally succeeded in rescuing this adorable turtle, well before the next scheduled train came rolling down the tracks.

turtle rescue

With one foot in front of the other, this turtle made his way back into the world.

turtle rescue

Turtles deserve to live their lives roaming freely in their natural surroundings, so the brothers were happy to return him to his normal habitat.

turtle rescue

With a few helping hands, this turtle escaped disaster and now roams free in the wild once more.

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