He Blacks Out On Live TV, But His Big Brother Picks Him Up And Drags Him Home

by Paul Morris
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For anyone who has ever had the pleasure of dealing with an older brother or sister, you’ll easily understand how it’s always been a bit of an uphill battle to gain their respect.

Maybe because they were always bigger or smarter than you, but having an older sibling was both a blessing and a curse. A curse because, of course, they did everything in their power to remind you (as often as possible) that they were better and stronger than you. But a blessing because when push came to shove, and if you ever had any problems with bullies or anyone else, you could always count on your older brother or sister to do everything they could to protect you!

It turns out that’s still true even for professional athletes. The Brownlee brothers are well known and much-respected triathlon competitors. But during a recent competition they made headline news not for their physical prowess, but for their brotherly love!

Younger brother Jonny was in the final 700 yards of the race when his body finally gave up on him. Struggling with dehydration in the hot weather, Jonny was weaving and close to a full collapse.

That’s when his older brother Alistair swooped in and grabbed his little brother. He pulled him and pulled him, giving words of encouragement to get him across the finish line. At the final step, Alistair pushed his little brother across the finish line where he quickly collapsed from exhaustion.

Alistair said he would do the same for any fellow competitor, but there’s something special about seeing this big brother looking out for his own blood. Jonny was taken to a hospital and is expected to fully recover!

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