Bride And Groom Stand At The Altar, Then She Suddenly Drops His Hand And Backs Away

by Barbara Diamond
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Brittany, a woman from Dublin, Georgia, absolutely loves sign language. For many years, she has been passionate about ASL. So, when it came time to plan her wedding, Brittany wanted to surprise her soon-to-be husband, Evan, by putting an unexpected twist on their traditional wedding vows.

Brittany decided to “sing” a song via ASL that means a lot to the both of them, making for a wedding moment unlike any other.

Early on in their engagement, Brittany enlisted sign language expert Nathan Roberts to help teach her certain signs. She also started planning a “fabricated lie” so that Evan would be totally surprised on the big day. All he knew was that there would be special music, courtesy of a live singer-songwriter at some point during their ceremony.

“We listed it in the program that way and I even had him perform it at our rehearsal to make Evan believe it,” Brittany wrote on Facebook.

During the week leading up to the big day, Brittany spent hours on end learning the signs and practicing her performance.

In the video below, watch Evan’s face as his blushing bride steps away from the altar and gives him an unforgettable surprise. He has tears in his eyes, as did all of the happy couple’s friends and family in attendance.

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