Transform A 7-Day Pillbox Into The Ultimate Must-Have Travel Pack

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Fall is a fantastic time to rally the family for a road trip. If you’re stuck on where to go, break out the map and explore.

There are certainly more tech-savvy ways to do this (we all use Google maps at this point, right?), but there’s something about the old-fashioned way that gets me geared up for a road trip.

Wherever you are going, the car ride itself has a huge impact on the success of a road trip. Keeping the car organized on long journeys makes for a less stressful drive, and keeping the car ride fun puts everyone in a better mood when you actually arrive. These brilliant tips from Thrivent Financial will help make the car ride fun and smooth, which means everyone will be ready for adventure when you pull up to your destination!

One tip I definitely plan to try is using an egg carton and plastic Easter eggs for snack time. Plastic Easter eggs are the perfect size for a variety of healthy, portioned snacks, and the egg carton keeps them from rolling around the back seat of the car (no one wants a car Easter egg hunt in September!).

Another tip that will be such a time-saver when you get to your final destination is to organize outfits ahead of time and pack each one in a ziplock bag. Think about how easy it will be to get out the door every morning when you’re not digging through your luggage to find socks.

This travel video has lots of easy tips just like these that will make your road trip easier than ever.

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