Bridezilla Tries To Force Groom’s Gay Son ‘Back In The Closet’ So She Can Have ‘Perfect Wedding’

by Kim Wong-Shing
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A dad might call off his upcoming wedding because his fiancée is attempting to hide his son’s sexuality.

An anonymous Reddit user has been a single dad since he was 18 years old, when his son was 3. It’s been a struggle at times, but he has always had his son’s back. So when his son came out as gay at age 14, the dad fully accepted him. The son is now 22, and he has a lovely boyfriend.

“My son has been dating his boyfriend since he was 18 and I’ve gotten to know him really well,” the dad wrote on Reddit.

Now that the dad is getting married, he, of course, wants his son there as his best man.

He also wants his son’s boyfriend to be able to attend.

Sadly, the dad’s bridezilla fiancée does not agree. She doesn’t want the boyfriend to come, because she doesn’t want her conservative, religious parents to find out that her new stepson is gay.

“This really bothered me because I refuse to ask my son to go back in the closet,” the dad said.

Now he’s considering calling off the entire wedding — because who wants to marry into an unaccepting family?

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A Reddit user recently posted a plea for advice. He’s planning a wedding with his fiancée of two years, and he was excited about his 22-year-old son attending the wedding.

discrimination sexuality

His son is gay, and he would likely bring his boyfriend to the wedding, too. They’ve been dating for four years, so he’s practically part of the family.

But then the fiancée dropped a bomb: She doesn’t want the boyfriend at the wedding because she doesn’t want her family to know that the son is gay.

Now this dad is reconsidering marrying his fiancée at all, and can you blame him? Clearly, he did not see this coming.

“While she does come from a very deep religious and conservative family, she has never had any issue with my son – at least nothing she has ever expressed to me,” he wrote.


discrimination sexuality

“I always tried to do best by my son,” he wrote. “He came out to me when he was 14 years old and I’ve always been supportive of him and his identity.”

discrimination sexuality

Not only did the fiancée want to ban the boyfriend from the wedding, but she also wanted to hide the son’s sexuality from her parents altogether. She said they’d have a “complete fit” if they found out.

“This really bothered me because I refuse to ask my son to go back in the closet,” the dad said.

discrimination sexuality

The dad continued, “What is going to happen in the future? When my son gets married himself? Will they want him and his husband barred from other family events?”

Yeah, no. That’s not OK.

“He’s my son and will be the best man and it would be unfair to deny him a plus one because her family has an issue with gay people,” he said.

discrimination sexuality

The dad put his foot down about allowing the boyfriend at the wedding. Not surprisingly, that didn’t go over too well with the fiancée.

“When I told her this, she got very angry with me and told me that I was being selfish and over-dramatic – that it would just be for this one day, that she wants the perfect wedding,” he wrote.

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“After that I got the silent treatment for a day and since then it hasn’t been discussed again,” he continued. “However, it has left an extremely bad taste in my mouth and has me contemplating calling the wedding off.”

“I do not want to marry into a family that would potentially discriminate against my son,” he explained. “I love my fiance very much but my son will always come first.”


He went on to say that his brother had accused him of being in the wrong here, because it’s just one day of the son’s life, so what’s the big deal? But the dad is still not cool with it.

“I still don’t feel comfortable about the entire situation and am really thinking about calling the wedding off,” he said. “Am I being unreasonable here?”

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The consensus on Reddit? NOT UNREASONABLE AT ALL. Not even a tiny little bit.

discrimination sexuality

This argument speaks to a fundamental disconnect in values. It’s very unlikely that the issue will go away after the wedding.

There’s also a chance that the fiancée has internalized homophobic beliefs of her own that will eventually come out.

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One user had an excellent suggestion: Instead of the son’s boyfriend skipping the wedding, why don’t the in-laws skip out?

discrimination sexuality

While it’s pretty depressing that closed-minded people like this still exist, it’s also really uplifting to see how this dad is handling the situation. He’s not just passively tolerating his gay son, but he’s actively sticking up for him in the face of bigotry, even when it makes things harder in his own life. Bravo, Dad!