Bride And Groom Pose For Wedding Photos When Bridesmaids Burst Through Gate With 10 More Guests

by Amy Paige
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Alli and Kevin tied the knot in May 2018 in Oklahoma. The happy couple planned a handful of sweet personal touches that made their day even more memorable.

For example, Alli gave each of her bridesmaids a pair of personalized Nike sneakers. And instead of writing a letter to express his undying love for Alli, Kevin recorded his voice so she could listen to it whenever she wants.

But the best moment of all wasn’t planned by either the bride or the groom.

One of the reasons Alli and Kevin initially bonded and fell for each other was because of their shared love of animals. After getting engaged, Alli imagined how amazing it would be if her wedding day somehow could include her No. 1 most favorite thing in the world: puppies!

But without a solid idea of how to make it happen, Alli continued on with her wedding plans, sans cute canines.

Little did she or Kevin know that her sister and wedding planner had teamed up to pull off the most incredible surprise.

Watch the bride and groom’s priceless reactions as the bridesmaids walk through the gate to take their wedding photos.

Best. Moment. Ever.

Video Credit: Pen Weddings

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