Bride Dresses Wedding Party In Hideous ’90s Gowns. 22 Years Later, Funny Bridesmaid ‘Thanks’ Her

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Everyone who has ever been a bridesmaid knows the absolute joy of supporting the bride — and the absolute horror of putting on a bridesmaid dress.

Even Pippa and Kate Middleton have been subject to terrible bridesmaid dresses in their time.

Every bridesmaid has also heard the same exact thing about the horrible dress: “The best part is, you can wear it again!”

Most brides know that their bridesmaids will put the dress in their closet and never touch it again, though one bride was recently in for quite a surprise.

Tammi Sauer got married to her wonderful husband when they were just 22 years old.

Now, she and her husband have been married for 22 fabulous years.

Tammi recently posted on Facebook, writing a happy-anniversary note to her husband. She also apologized to her five bridesmaids for the comically ’90s dresses she made them wear.

What Tammi never expected was for Heidi Mann, one of her bridesmaids, to send back some hysterical photos.

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tammi bride

Tammi wrote on Facebook, “These two 22-year-olds are celebrating 22 years of marriage! Hubba-hubba.”

But then, she apologized to her bridesmaids and her flower girl for the dresses she made them wear.

She dressed them in off-the-shoulder red brocade with a white lace collar. This look may have been all the rage in 1995, but it’s safe to say it looks a little dated now.

heidi tammi

Tammi thought her bridesmaids would think her note was funny, but she never expected one of them, Heidi (second from the left in the photo above), to respond the way she did.

Just a few hours after Tammi posted her photos, Heidi replied with the funniest photo in the comments section.

heidi dress

Heidi wrote, “What do you mean sorry about the dresses? I wear mine all the time.”

She then sent Tammi some hilarious photos of her going about her normal daily routine wearing the 22-year-old dress.

heidi hose

One of the photos showed Heidi watering her garden with the hose… while wearing the dress.

And not only does the dress fit her, she’s totally pulling it off!

heidi laundry

Here’s Heidi walking away from the camera to do some laundry — also in her dress.

In fact, every photo shows Heidi wearing the dress for ordinary activities, like reading on the couch and waiting in the driveway.

bridesmaid dress heidi

People were in hysterics after seeing Heidi’s photos. One person commented, “I just literally snorted! That’s awesome!!!”

And another wrote, “Kudos to anyone who can still fit into a bridesmaid dress after all these years!!”

bride bridesmaids
Heidi Kippes Sauer

According to BuzzFeed, the 1995 red brocade isn’t the only bridesmaid gown in Heidi’s collection.

She has eight other old bridesmaid dresses in the closet somewhere, in addition to a handful of other formal dresses.

Maybe it’s time for her to snap a few photos for all of the other brides!

bridesmaid aisle
Tammi Kippes Sauer

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