Bride’s Wedding Postponed Like Great-Grandmother’s In 1918: ‘Can’t Help But Feel A Coincidence’

by Amy Paige
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Countless Americans, and people all over the world, are now having to postpone or cancel major milestone events.

Birthdays, weddings, births, celebrations … the pandemic is stripping us from our time together.

Meredith Ganzman was so incredibly excited to marry her fiancé Andrew, but the virus has now postponed their plans.

The couple from New York City were all packed and ready to leave for their wedding, determined to exchange vows before having to quarantine.

But now Meredith and Andrew are locked in their apartment with their wedding plans on hold indefinitely.

This is not the first time a woman in Meredith’s family has had to postpone her wedding. A few generations back, the flu of 1918 (aka the Spanish flu) meant her great-grandmother also had to put her nuptials on hold. She, too, had to figure out a new wedding date in light of a horrific virus that swept across the nation. Many are comparing the 1918 flu to the current pandemic.

“Because of COVID-19’s global spread, it’s easy to compare the two viruses — but realize there have been 102 years between the pandemics,” Kristyn Hartman for WCPO Cincinnati reports. “The world’s population is also far older, and COVID-19 has shown especially problematic for seniors. But to keep it in perspective: COVID-19 would have to infect thousands of times as many people as it has right now to compare to the 1918 flu.”

Meredith is staying as positive as possible, which is all we can really do.

“My great-grandmother had a wonderful marriage, so I can only hope that if history is repeating itself, for whatever reason, it will bring some luck to us when we’re married.”

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