Wife Wears Her Wedding Dress Once Every Year To Keep Love With Her Husband Alive

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

For couples who have been married for a few years or many more, they may sometimes feel the need to reinvigorate their union or the spark that brought them together in the first place.

There are a multitude of ways to do this: some renew their vows, while others go on a romantic vacation. These are just of the most common ways to show one another that the love is still there.

But self-proclaimed “millennial love expert” and Licensed Counselor and Dating Coach Samantha Burns has a much different approach. She encourages all wives to wear their wedding dresses as often as they want!

As for her, she wears hers on her wedding anniversary every year as a way to keep the love and romance alive.

And she couldn’t bear the thought of only wearing her wedding dress once in her life. Who was to say that she can’t wear it on any other day she wants?

Samantha claims that her method works, and she’s saying that all brides should try it out. If it works for her and her husband, to whom she has been married to since 2012, than why not for others?

Scroll down to see Samantha in her beautiful dress, and you may want to try out her ways after you see how happy the couple is.

Samantha Burns’s reason for wearing her wedding dress once a year, every year, is an idea she believes every woman should adhere to.

She tells LittleThings: “Though it may seem like a silly tradition, there’s actually science to support why creating fun customs like this help you keep that spark burning bright in your relationship.”

“Spontaneity, surprise taking risks, and exploring the unknown, all of which happen when you have an adventure in your wedding gown, activate the reward center in your brain. This burst of dopamine makes you feel excited, giddy, and gives you that loving feeling. “

“As a marriage therapist, couples often ask me how to grow together and keep the passion alive in their relationship. It’s a balance of novelty and tradition.”

“New experiences and surprise help with mystery, desire, and intimacy, whereas traditions and daily rituals keep couples bonded and connected.”

“Though putting on my wedding dress is a fun and extravagant annual celebration, my husband and I prioritize each other every day and practice gratitude.”

“That is certainly a formula for success in the long-term.”

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