Bride-To-Be Arrives At Dream Venue On Her Wedding Day — Only To Discover It’s No Longer There

by Amy Paige
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Rhiannon LeClair, 34, couldn’t wait to marry Bruce and begin their new life together. Their wedding was set to take place in February 2020 and they had their dream venue booked and ready to go.

The Tennessee couple rented the venue and paid in full which meant they spent nearly $5,000 and made all the necessary arrangements.

On the night before the wedding, Rhiannon and Bruce held their rehearsal at the venue. Nothing seemed different and no one said anything suspect.

But the next day, when Rhiannon arrived to the venue on the afternoon of her wedding day, she learned the biggest day of her life was quickly turning into a nightmare.

There was no one there.

The venue was gone. And the doors were locked.

The bride-to-be stood outside the building, frantically knocking on the doors and calling the staff using every phone number she had been given  but no one responded.

She spent the next hour crying outside the venue doors. Can you imagine?

Regardless of their ruined plans, Rhiannon and Bruce really didn’t want to push their wedding back  and they weren’t the only newlyweds in dire need of a wedding solution.

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