Groom Halts Wedding, Then Bride Starts Sobbing As He Introduces Late Son’s Donor-Heart Recipient

by Kate Taylor
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It is a tragedy when anyone dies, but there is something especially heartbreaking about a parent having to lose a child too soon.

It is a terrible experience that no parent deserves.

While it takes a long time to make peace with this type of loss, there are some rare opportunities to find a ray of hope in tragedy. An example of this would be when someone who has passed decides to donate their organs, thus using their death to save another’s life.

One such case involves an Alaskan mother, Becky Turney. Her son Triston passed away prematurely, but donated his heart to someone in need of a transplant.

Triston’s selfless act no doubt helped his family find the slightest silver lining in an otherwise heartbreaking situation. His heart is still beating, even though he is no longer here.

Sadly, Triston did not get to see his mother’s wedding to fiancé Kelly Turney.

Still, while Triston may not have been physically there, he was there in spirit thanks to Becky’s husband-to-be.

When Becky Turney’s wedding day arrived, she knew that one important person would be watching from above: her son Triston.

Triston passed away before his time, but donated his organs — including his heart — to save as many lives as possible.

Becky didn’t know it, but her fiancé Kelly had secretly planned to fly the young man who received her son’s heart up to Alaska to be there for their wedding ceremony

Long before Becky’s groom revealed his secret, the duo had been working on ways to incorporate Triston’s memory into the ceremony.

This gorgeous bouquet adorned with his photos is just one example of how he was remembered on the joyous day.

The message on this sign was also a beautiful gesture. It reads: “I’m in heaven for your wedding so what shall I do? I’ll come down to Earth to spend it with you. So save me a seat, just one empty chair. You may not see me but I will be there.”

This, however, was just the tip of the iceberg.

Becky’s groom, Kelly Turney, took things a few steps further. He decided to have Triston there in the most physical way possible: by flying in the recipient of Triston’s heart, Jacob Kilby.

This story was shared on the Love Adventured Facebook page by a guest at the wedding, who assures us that there were very few dry eyes upon the reunion.

The guest shares, “I met a man named Jacob Kilby yesterday who is alive because of a heart transplant received from the bride’s son Triston.”

As you can see from the photos, the reunion made an already emotional day that much more touching.

The guests adds:

Her son couldn’t be here for the wedding day but Becky‘s groom Kelly Turney surprised her by flying Jacob up to Alaska to stand in as a groomsman, carrying Triston’s heart. Kelly stopped the ceremony to introduce Jacob to Becky for the first time.

According to the post by the guest, Becky had no idea that her husband-to-be was planning such a sweet part of the wedding. I think we can all agree that someone so thoughtful is definitely a winner.

The guest also adds:

I had the pleasure of hearing Jacob share his gratitude and plans for a healthy life to Triston’s sister before the ceremony. I am so blown away by his story and his amazing outlook on life. You couldn’t ask for a better recipient to receive such a gift.

Everyone who heard about this amazing story was equally moved by it.

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