Bride’s Family Cheers Her Up With ‘Tangled’-Inspired Flash Mob After Her Wedding Is Postponed

by Angela Andaloro

Krystal Hale and Robert Lind were one of many couples who had their special day impacted by social distancing and stay-at-home orders.

The New Orleans couple were set to tie the knot on April 5. As closures began and concern grew, the couple decided to put their wedding on hold.

Krystal’s family still wanted her would-be wedding day to be a special one for her and Robert. Her sister and maid of honor, Jennifer Hale, told her that she was setting up a special date for Krystal and Robert. When she called her to let her know it was all ready, Krystal couldn’t believe her eyes. She stepped outside and discovered decorations and a whole caravan of cars.

Krystal and Robert’s family and friends got out of their cars. Then they executed a socially distant flash mob, just for the bride and groom. The incredible moment was a reminder of the importance of family, especially during times like these.

Like many couples, recent closures and stay-at-home orders put Krystal Hale and Robert Lind in a bind. They were set to get married on April 5. As the situation got increasingly serious, it was clear they’d have to cancel their original wedding plans.

On Sunday, Krystal’s sister and maid of honor, Jennifer Hale, informed the couple that she set up a special date for them to make up for the disappointment. She later called her and told her to get dressed up and come outside. She and Robert complied, and they couldn’t believe what awaited them out there.

“[My fiancé and I] got dressed and at about 4:15 p.m. my phone rings and [my sister] said, ‘Go outside,'” Krystal explained.

Krystal is a serious lifelong Disney fan. She was touched to find the front of her house decorated in lanterns inspired by her favorite Disney movie, Tangled.

There was also a caravan of cars waiting for the couple. Their family and friends began getting out of their cars. They kept socially distant while getting into position.

“Everyone is six feet away, if not more, and it was incredible!”

Jennifer had spent the last week teaching family and friends the socially distant flash mob routine. Everyone learned the routine to the song from Krystal and Jennifer’s childhood favorite movie, Can’t Hardly Wait. Krystal and Robert were totally surprised.

“[A week before], I had sent everyone a dance to learn and it was just five moves. Everyone learned it,” Jennifer explained.

“[The situation] sucks, but everyone coming together is kind of the most amazing thing I’ve ever asked for.”

Krystal shared the video with a heartfelt message on Instagram. “Well today would have been our wedding day. I woke up feeling sad knowing there’s nothing I could do about it…at 2 pm I heard the outdoor gate and saw Jen Hale,” she wrote.

“She told me she was setting up a date for us and go inside…..2.5 hours later she tells us to come outside and WOW. My front porch was decorated like a scene from tangled with hidden Mickey’s everywhere! A parade of my bridesmaids (wearing their dresses)and family/friends DANCING IN STREET!”

I can’t even put into words the love I felt today,” she continued. “Today was so special it makes me that much more excited to marry Robert Lind. My heart is so full. Thank you Jen for the best surprise of my life. You are simply amazing.”

Krystal was still overwhelmed when she talked to Good Morning America about the experience. “I never felt so much love in my heart in my life,” she said.

“They are all amazing people. It was the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received in my life and we’re both so grateful. It put things in perspective of what’s important, [the virus] won’t stop our love and even if we can’t hug each other, [the situation] has brought us closer together.”

It won’t be long before Krystal and Robert say their “I dos.” The couple has decided to get married on April 19 in a socially distant street wedding. Judging by the flash mob, their loved ones are ready to bring the energy and excitement for the couple anytime.