Bride Gets A Tear-Jerking Sign From Heaven On Her Wedding Day

by Barbara Diamond
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Amanda was thrilled to be marrying Chip, the love of her life. But when her wedding day finally arrived in 2015, there was a giant hole in her heart.

Two years ago, Amanda’s daughter Azalee passed away. She was just 6 years old when she lost her battle to cancer.

Azalee never got the chance to meet Chip, which was just one more reason why Amanda wanted her wedding photos to somehow incorporate Azalee. So, she asked her good friend and photographer, Ashley Frantz, if she would use her artistic talents to find a way to include her late daughter in the experience. Ashley says the resulting photographs are the most difficult she’s ever taken, but they’re also the most beautiful.

But during the wedding ceremony, something completely unexpected took place. Amanda and Chip planned to release a set of butterflies in Azalee’s honor — but when Amanda looked down at her dress, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Luckily, Ashley was right there, snapping photos of the unforgettable moment.

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Two years ago, Amanda lost her daughter to cancer. Azalee was just 6 years old when she passed away.

Amanda was heartbroken that her daughter wouldn’t be there on her wedding day, which took place in Louisiana in 2015.

Amanda asked her good friend and photographer, Ashley Franz, not only to take pictures at her Louisiana wedding, but to also find a way to incorporate Azalee into the photos. Ashley understood the gravity of these photographs; she calls them the most beautiful and difficult pictures she’s ever been asked to take.

Here, standing in Amanda’s arms, is a transparent image of Azalee.

Ashley says,”Azalee was quite the little artist and LOVED to draw beautiful pictures for her mommy and others she loved!”

So Ashley took one of Azalee’s drawing and transferred it onto fabric, then had it sewn onto Amanda’s wedding dress.

During the wedding ceremony, Amanda and Chip decided to release butterflies in honor of Azalee. Butterflies were the perfect representation of Azalee’s spirit, beautiful and free.

But that’s when something absolutely stunning happened.

Ashley says, “As the butterflies flew up and away, one little beauty decided she wanted to stay a while. She landed right on Amanda (closest to her heart) and stayed while a heart-wrenching cry was shared between the bride and groom (and the entire congregation).

We all know it was Azalee, just a little whisper from her and God saying ‘congratulations’ and letting everyone know she was nearby to help her mommy cross over into her new path of life… where there is nothing but sunshine ahead!!”

This is the second shot that Ashley came up with, and Amanda could not be more pleased with the results.

Ashley says, “It was such an honor to be able to do this for her and I’m so thankful God has given me a talent that I can use to make broken hearts just a tad less broken.”

I’d like to believe the butterfly was Azalee’s way of showing her mother she was right there with her. If you believe this, too, please SHARE this touching story with your friends on Facebook!

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