Preacher Asks Couple To Bow Head In Prayer When The Bride Hears A Familiar Voice On Loudspeaker

by June Rivers
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Brittany Yost was elated when she got engaged to her boyfriend Jordan. The 23-year-old from West Virginia couldn’t wait for the big day, but she knew there would be something missing.

She couldn’t help but go into it with a heavy heart.

Ronald Adkins was Brittany’s grandfather. He was a well-respected reverend who planned to officiate both her and her sister’s wedding. But sadly, Ronald died at the age of 89, shortly after officiating the wedding of Brittany’s sister, in 2015. Jordan proposed a week later, but Brittany knew her dreams of having him officiate her wedding were crushed.

In the video below, Brittany and Jordon stand at the altar as the preacher asks everyone to bow their heads in prayer.

And that’s when Brittany realizes her family has been planning a huge secret behind her back.

Suddenly, Brittany hears her grandfather’s voice over the loudspeaker. As it turned out, her family was able to piece together bits and pieces of Ronald’s speech recorded at her sister’s wedding. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room; even the photographer said she was shaking from all the emotions.

Ronald found a way to be there at her wedding, after all.

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