No One Sees Bride’s Deadly Sickness Til Photographer Snaps Photo And Wedding Takes Horrific Turn

by Amy Paige
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Jill Haddad Hawkins was so excited when she woke up on her wedding day, but she also felt sick to her stomach.

She figured it was just normal pre-wedding jitters.

When the ceremony began, Jill found herself struggling to get through her vows. She was in so much pain she could barely stand while walking down the aisle.

The reception was even more unbearable. You’d never know it by looking at the wedding photos, though.

After the nuptials, Jill, her new husband and their wedding party gathered on the beach to pose for the wedding photographer. As waves crashed behind them, the group showed off their happy, smiling faces.

On the outside, Jill looked comfortable and radiant. But immediately following the reception, she was rushed in an ambulance to the hospital. Her guests were stunned to learn she was in desperate need of emergency surgery, and she had been all day.

As it turned out, Jill was no stranger to the severe pain she’d been trying to hide, but she hadn’t experienced it since she was a teenager. It decided to rear its ugly head until the wedding day, of all days.

When the medical team examined her, they couldn’t believe Jill had actually made it through the ceremony…

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