People Are Furious With Bridezilla’s List Of ‘Rules And Regulations’ For Her Wedding Day

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Wedding season isn’t over yet, which means bridezillas are still running wild, rampaging through our lives and inboxes.

You can tell a bridezilla by the way she bursts into tears and/or screams if something goes slightly wrong, even if it’s something as minuscule as, say, her guests’ nail colors.

Of course, no bridezilla’s wedding would be complete without a laundry list of overly specific demands. But this bridezilla’s list is definitely one for the books.

Reddit user Laika_cat shared an email received from a friend’s wedding coordinator about the upcoming ceremony.

The email includes a list of 10 rules, including which colors, hairstyles, and makeup looks are acceptable for guests.

“Please do not wear anything other than a basic bob or ponytail,” the email read.

The rules also cover what happens during the wedding, like when to post photos and which drink to toast with.

Perhaps the most ridiculous demand? “DO NOT TALK TO THE BRIDE AT ALL.”

Is this a wedding or detention?! Read the entire unbelievable list below.

Reddit user Laika_cat posted a screenshot of an email received from the coordinator of a friend’s wedding.

The email is a long list of ridiculous demands. Some rules seem designed to avoid upstaging the bride, like not wearing white, having overly styled hair, or wearing a full face of makeup.

Others are just downright tasteless, like the requirement to bring a gift worth $75 or more.

Some of the rules are just… confusing, like forcing guests to toast with expensive cognac.

And of course, there’s this rule: “DO NOT TALK TO THE BRIDE AT ALL.”

Not surprisingly, this email got a lot of attention.

People couldn’t get over how many typos are in it, for starters.

Is this person really a wedding coordinator if they can’t spell “ceremony”? Or is this the bridezilla herself, trying to be sneaky?!

Either way, this list of “demands” is more like a list of reasons to avoid the wedding at all costs, says one commenter.

Another commenter suggested that guests show up and technically follow the rules by wearing no clothes at all.

Or rebelling against the rules altogether by bringing a gift that’s just under $75.

Which is frankly pretty genius. What are they going to do, tell you to leave?

Other commenters poked fun at how ridiculous the “DO NOT TALK TO THE BRIDE AT ALL” rule is.

If that goes as planned, the poor groom will try to say his vows to her, and the bride will promptly flip out.

And every single person will be wearing the same two hairstyles.

Or, more likely, nobody will actually show up.

Because this is way too much effort for one wedding.

Bridezillas, let this be your warning!