Bride Goes To Say Vows As Dad Secretly Stands Up To Pull Off Surprise Performance Behind Her

by Amy Paige
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In November 2019, Alex and Tommy Ellison tied the knot at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware.

Just as the couple went to exchange their vows, Alex’s father stood up in his seat.

He had been planning a very secret and special surprise for months, and he knew he was taking a huge risk on the biggest day of his daughter’s life. “If this went sideways, I just ruined my daughter’s wedding,” Neil said.

Alex’s brother has autism. She knew she wanted him to be included in her wedding, but she wasn’t sure how to do that without overwhelming him. Little did she know their dad already had it covered.

There were 170 guests in attendance that day, but only 12 of them were clued into the big surprise.

At first, Alex and Tommy stood at the altar in a state of utter confusion. Once they realized what was going on — and when Alex saw her brother participating — she broke down in tears.

See the adorable and heartwarming wedding moment in the video below.

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