Bride-To-Be Sends Wedding Invite To The Wrong Address And ‘Unknown Sender’ Comes Back With $20

by Amy Paige
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Cassie Warren couldn’t wait to marry her fiancé, Jesse. The young couple from Oregon were set to tie the knot in front of 200 loved ones.

Before the big day, Cassie found herself rushing to get her invitations mailed out in time. She had no idea that one of the invites, which was supposed to make it to her aunt and uncle, was mistakenly sent to an old address. Cassie was in such a hurry that she didn’t get the chance to double-check that particular address.

Days later, Jesse found a strange envelope sitting in their mailbox. Cassie was so confused when she opened it to find that one of their original wedding invitations had been sent back to them.

It was the one accidental mail-out. However, the invite was mailed back to the couple inside a different envelope and coming from an “unknown sender.”

Cassie and Jesse, who are fans of Harry Potter and Star Wars, said the person also wrote “Live long and prosper” on the outside of the envelope. Jesse had worn a Star Wars shirt in their wedding announcement.

And then, once Cassie and Jesse took an closer look at the piece of mail — and saw the surprise waiting for them inside — the story took a truly heartwarming turn.

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