Bride Breaks Down At The Altar When She Turns Around And Sees Her Students Singing On Balcony

by Kat Manos
Kat Manos is an Associate Editor who loves arguing about indie rock, classic literature, and "Star Wars."

Is there anything more beautiful than a happy bride on her wedding day?

In the video below, this bride in particular was looking gorgeous and happy to be getting married, standing at the altar with her husband-to-be and the ceremony’s officiant.

That is, until she heard singing behind her and decided to turn around.

Almost instantly, the bride in her white wedding dress started crying when she saw who was standing and singing up in the choir loft.

As it turns out, she’s a musical-theater instructor, and the singing was coming from dozens of her students!

It appears that her fiancé and students secretly arranged a wedding surprise behind her back. She had no idea!

Although the wedding itself is small and understated, the church looks beautiful and the children’s singing really adds to the atmosphere.

The children must’ve practiced and arranged the music themselves, or at least had help from another clued-in adult.

The look on the bride’s face when she cries is truly heartwarming — not to mention, the children sound amazing in such a beautiful church! You won’t want to miss this one.

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