Mom Breastfeeding At The Melbourne Zoo Gets The Approval Of A Watchful Orangutan

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
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Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to hear about a woman shamed because she’s a breastfeeding mom. But this has prompted many to speak out about the wonders of the experience of breastfeeding. Celebrities like Alyssa Milano have defended the practice, and one mom loved the experience of breastfeeding her children so much, she now makes jewelry out of the milk!

Elizabeth Burrett is experiencing this for the first time. The Australian native has a 3-year-old daughter, but was not able to breastfeed her. But giving birth to a son not so long ago changed that. She was at the Melbourne Zoo celebrating her daughter’s birthday, when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. What happened next amazed her, and all those who have heard her story.

Her 13-week old son, Eli, got hungry, and that’s when she had to seek a quiet corner where she could feed him. That’s when two onlookers started watching her…

Read on to see who this mom encountered while she fed her baby!

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Elizabeth’s 13-week-old son, Eli, got hungry when she and her family were at the Melbourne Zoo celebrating her daughter’s birthday. So she decided to seek out a quiet corner where she could breastfeed him. She picked a spot just outside the orangutan enclosure. That’s when two orangutans came to watch her.

Elizabeth says that what happened next was very “emotional.” She locked eyes with the orangutans, who she thinks was a mother orangutan who approved of her breastfeeding.

She told 774 ABC Melbourne, “She came over and gave me a bit of a nod. It was absolutely amazing.”

She added, “I felt so proud, and I felt she was proud of me.”

She later posted on Facebook about the “amazing” experience: “It was the most beautiful thing!!!”

The connection between her and the orangutans was very special to Elizabeth, considering that she hadn’t been able to breastfeed her daughter. Other people were in such awe of what was going on that they watched, too!

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