Mom Is Breastfeeding Fussy Baby At Dentist’s Office When Staff’s Response Leaves Her Humiliated

by Amy Paige
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Suzie Ramirez recently visited a dentist’s office in Thomasville, Georgia, with her husband and four children.

While sitting in the waiting room, Suzie’s 4-month-old daughter Dianerys started to fuss.

Knowing her baby was hungry, Suzie promptly picked her up, placed her on her lap, and began nursing her.

Moments later, the woman working behind the desk approached Suzie and draped a blanket over Dianerys’ head. “I have teenagers,” the employee remarked.

The staff member gave the confused mother a choice: Either keep the blanket over her baby’s head or move into a private room because she was making a group of teenage boys in the waiting room feel uncomfortable.

“This is not your home. This is an office, OK?”

However, Suzie says the blanket was heavy and her baby became even fussier. She removed the blanket and stayed put, but the woman behind the desk reprimanded her again. “There are teenagers here,” she repeated.

Suzie was incredulous. She says she frequently feeds Dianerys in public and has never had a problem — especially in a medical setting. “I felt humiliated, embarrassed, angry,” she told Caters News Agency.

Management says there was a miscommunication and has apologized to Suzie and her family. Still, Suzie claims she personally asked the teen boys if the nursing made them uncomfortable — and that they said no.

Now Suzie is sharing her story in the hopes it will help other women feel more confident about “something so natural and healthy”.

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