Mom Who Asked Community For Breast Milk Donations Sees Remarkable Recovery In Premature Twins

by Angela Andaloro

Alantria Smith is incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support she’s gotten from mothers in her community.

Alantria gave birth to her twins, A’ja and Kyrie, in November 2018. The twins were born three months premature, leading to health problems that required Alantria to ask for breast milk donations.

Both A’ja and Kyrie initially had trouble swallowing after birth. A’ja developed a hemangioma on her lip due to trauma. Kyrie’s condition was more serious. He was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a rare disease that means he would require a liver transplant. The disease also meant jaundice for the baby boy and trouble keeping weight on.

In the middle of trying to understand what was happening with her twins, Alantria’s breast milk supply began to dwindle. “I was stressed out, I was worried about his health and what was going on with him and why I couldn’t help him,” she explained to Inside Edition. “I can’t produce enough to support both of them. I do still produce, but it’s probably one ounce out of each breast.”

Alantria worked with her pediatrician to get the twins on a formula designed to help them put on weight, but didn’t get the results they’d hoped for. They believed breast milk would help the twins, so Alantria reached out to her Dallas community asking for breast milk donations.

“My Facebook messenger was [filled] with prayers, information about where I can sign him up to get donated milk from a milk bank,” she said. “People wanted to come donate their own personal stash because they oversupply. It was amazing.”

Just as amazing has been the twins’ progress since getting on breast milk. The tumor on A’ja’s lip shrank. Kyrie’s eyes have cleared up. The baby boy’s hair is also coming in thicker and his face has filled out. He’s also been more active and engaged.

“A lot of women I know would beat themselves up, that they can’t nurture their own babies,” Alantria said. “Ultimately, when it comes to your child’s health, there’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do.”

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