I Stuck Breast Lift Tape On My 34DDDs To See If It Held Up. 6 Hours Later, Here’s How I Looked

by Morgan Greenwald
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As someone with bigger breasts, it’s harder to get away with not wearing a bra. As much as I love backless dresses and halter tops, I have to avoid them, because the only thing I hate more than going braless is walking around with my bra straps showing.

Even though I know I can’t really get away with backless tops and dresses, I still stubbornly buy them in the hopes that a magical product will come along and solve my braless boob woes. After finding the Ta-Ta Towel for my boob sweat, I truly believe that anything is possible if you dig deep enough on Google.

When I found out that the sticky bra wasn’t a major success for larger chests, I did some research online and came across breast lift tape. Women with smaller chests swear by breast tape for backless and strapless garments, but the reviews are mixed from bustier gals.

“I’m a 36DD and [breast tape] definitely lifts them up with no problem,” says one happy reviewer on Amazon. But, on the same page, another reviewer complains: “[This] does not work if you have breasts bigger than a C.”

With such mixed reviews, the only way I could truly know if breast lift tape worked is to try it for myself, so I put some breast tape to the test on my DDD chest.

What Is Breast Lift Tape?

<u> What Is Breast Lift Tape? </u>
Morgan Greenwald for LittleThings

Though there are several different versions of this product, breast lift tape is designed to lift your breasts in lieu of a bra.

Because of its good reviews on Amazon and its easy application, I chose to try the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Breast Lift Tape. Plus, this breast lift tape sticks to the boobs with a hypoallergenic adhesive that claims not to irritate the skin.

Breast Lift Tape Claims

<u> Breast Lift Tape Claims </u>
Morgan Greenwald for LittleThings

According to its Amazon page, this breast lift tape claims to “give you the appearance of wearing a bra without the unsightly straps.”

There is no claim as to how long the breast tape is supposed to last, but reviews for this specific tape say that it will last for a full day.

How To Use Breast Lift Tape

<u> How To Use Breast Lift Tape </u>
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The instructions for applying the breast tape are as follows:

  1. Remove the lower half of the backing (marked #1) and position tape just above the areola. Smooth the tape to the breast.
  2. Remove the upper half of the backing (marked #2). Lift breast to desired position, then firmly press and smooth tape in place. Hold for 15 seconds while adhesive warms.

The instructions also mention that the breast tape is not repositionable, so it is important to make sure that you stick it in place on your first try.

Boobs Before Using Breast Tape

<u> Boobs Before Using Breast Tape </u>
Morgan Greenwald for LittleThings

I like to think that my boobs aren’t that saggy (and please don’t tell me otherwise because I’m very sensitive), but I can admit that nature tends to pull my big breasts down a bit when I’m not wearing a bra.

Even though I know I need a bra, they are the bane of my existence, and nothing irritates me more than underwire poking into my ribs all day. With DDDs, I should be wearing a bra with everything, but every once in a while I will get lazy and go out braless because I’m a strong independent woman and I want to be comfortable, saggy boobs be damned.

Applying Breast Lift Tape

<u> Applying Breast Lift Tape </u>
Morgan Greenwald for LittleThings

This translucent breast tape is definitely as sticky as it claims to be, which made it very difficult to stick it in place.

While I was trying to position it over my areola, the tape kept getting stuck to itself, so by the time it was on my boob, it was partially folded on itself and not entirely in the place I wanted it to be. Nevertheless, I persisted.

The second part of the taping process was slightly easier to do, though that tape was very sticky too and was just as eager to stick to itself.

The second boob proved no easier to lift, despite my minimal experience taping my first boob. I’m not sure if the process ever gets any easier, but despite it being far from perfect, it did its job.

First Impressions

<u> First Impressions </u>
Morgan Greenwald for LittleThings

Though I noticed a slight lift when I applied the tape, my breasts for the most part just felt lopsided and uneven. Because my boobs are big, the breast tape couldn’t quite lift up all of my breast, and this created more of a fold on my breast than a lift.

However, the tape surprisingly wasn’t uncomfortable at all, and I hardly even noticed that there was boob lift tape on my chest.

Check-In #1: 3 Hours After Breast Lift Tape Application

<u> Check-In #1: 3 Hours After Breast Lift Tape Application </u>
Morgan Greenwald for LittleThings

After about three hours in the breast lifting tape, I decided to head to the bathroom to check in on my boobies.

As far as lifting goes, not much changed in the first three hours. The tape held up surprisingly well in the NYC heat, and I didn’t feel any pain even though there was tape tugging at my breasts to keep them perky. I’d call that a win!

Check-In #2: 6 Hours After Breast Lift Tape Application

<u> Check-In #2: 6 Hours After Breast Lift Tape Application </u>
Morgan Greenwald for LittleThings

After about six hours in the breast lift tape, my boobs felt exactly the same. It felt weird to wear the tape around the office because you could see the outlines of it through my shirt, but otherwise everything was completely normal and work went on as usual.

Taking Off The Breast Lift Tape

<u> Taking Off The Breast Lift Tape </u>
Morgan Greenwald for LittleThings

Having read reviews about how painful and potentially scarring taking off the breast lift tape could be, I was nervous to peel off my tape.

However, despite the tape’s adhesiveness, it was surprisingly easy to remove. I honestly think it hurts more to remove a bandaid.

Even though I didn’t feel any pain, the tape did leave marks on the top of my boobs for the next few days. At first, the marks were bright red, but they eventually turned into small bruises that were a little unsightly. Besides being ugly, though, they didn’t hurt at all, and they went away within a few days.

Final Breast Lift Tape Review

<u> Final Breast Lift Tape Review </u>
Morgan Greenwald for LittleThings

Did the breast lift tape work the way you wanted it to?

Although the breast lift tape did give me a slight lift, I felt like my boobs looked more like folded crepes than ripe melons.

Will you use it again?

So long as my boobs are a DDD, I don’t plan on using this tape—it’s just not meant for a large chest. If I had a smaller chest, however, I would definitely consider using this with a backless dress, as the tape holds up well and the boob folding wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

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