Little Boy Learns A Valuable Life Lesson On How To Break Through Emotional Barriers

by Paul Morris
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A little boy and his teacher are going viral for the most incredible reason possible, and we’re so happy to share the video that is inspiring so many people around the whole world!

The video is simple enough. This little boy is training in the marital arts. His teacher gave him the seemingly impossible task of breaking a board with his weaker hand, and after a few failed attempts, this darling little child is overcome with emotions. It just didn’t seem like it was possible. With the pain in his hand and the fear of failing in front of his classmates, this little boy understandably began to cry.

While many of us would assume that there isn’t any place to cry in a martial arts arena, the boy’s teacher took a knee, and speaking in a soft, but firm, voice, he gave the boy a life lesson he’ll take with him forever.

“It’s OK to cry,” said the teacher.

The boy slowly broke through his emotional barriers, and within moments, he threw his fist through the board using his left hand. The look of pride and confidence in his face is truly something beautiful to behold.

The Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy is based in Detroit, MI. It focuses on helping boys and young men who are emotionally distressed, physically in debt, or mentally discontented. The teachings in this martial arts class are self-reliance, confidence, but most importantly, clear-headedness and discipline of the spirit.

Using the spiritual teachings found within the Holy Bible, the men who teach these children are on a mission to help raise these boys into future leaders of society, with the ability to stay strong enough to live through the pressures of the world without falling to their emotions.

Check out the amazing program, “Saving Boys” and their GoFundMe to help support these children who deserve confidence and self-reliance!

And don’t forget to check out their YouTube page for more amazing videos like this!

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