Brazilian Acrobat Hangs Upside Down And Uses His Teeth To Hold Up His Partner By Her Hair

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Acrobatics are an increasingly popular exercise routine these days, from acroyoga to aerial silks. But some tricks are only for the truly brave and daring — like, for example, hanging by your hair from your partner’s teeth.

(Obviously, these tricks should be left to professional acrobats only.)

Welyton Rene Bispo da Silva and Patricia Kostecki Santos are members of the acrobatic duo AcroWP. They practice at the Circus National School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

One of their most eye-catching tricks looks really painful. Welyton hangs from the ceiling and holds a metal loop in his mouth. The loop is attached to a bun in Patricia’s hair. Patricia hangs by her hair and spins around in various poses.

“We’ve been practicing these moves for about a year,” Welyton, an aspiring circus performer, said. “It hurts, but we have to practice every day to get used to the pain.”

Hair-hanging is an old trick in the acrobatic world, although the teeth thing is a special AcroWP addition. Chinese performers have been practicing hair-hanging since the early 1900s.

Acrobat Marguerite Ayala once told the New York Times that, when she first learned the trick, it felt like boiling water on her scalp. Over time, though, the sensation mellows out to a dull ache.

Pain aside, these acrobats must have the healthiest hair ever. Watch the video to see this incredible acrobatic feat!

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