Armed Robber Walks Into Gas Station And Demands Money, Then The Cashier Steals His Gun

by Paul Morris
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A cashier at a convenience store and gas station found herself in quite the horrifying situation when she realized she was looking down the barrel of a handgun.

Completely alone in the store, this woman somehow kept calm when the robber told her to open the register and fill his bag with the cash inside. As he threatened her with his gun, her adrenaline must have kicked in full throttle.

As she quickly grabbed the cash and put it in the bag, she realized that this robber was about as stupid as you can get.

The man actually left his gun inside the black bag that he was forcing her to fill up with cash. While the store policy is to let any robber have whatever he wants, it seems like this lady has actual principles and wanted to make sure any other potential robber knows that she’s not someone you want to mess with!

It must have taken some pumping up, but after a few times of putting cash in the bag and eyeing the gun, the bad guy’s hands were far enough from the bag to give her an opportunity to strike.

She grabbed the gun, pulled it out, and the man knew he was out of luck. He immediately ran away like the coward he actually is and managed to get away. But thanks to security footage, not only did he prove he’s not the brightest robber in the world, he’s also going to get captured by authorities soon enough!

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