He Stops To Help 2 Strangers, But Knows Something Is Wrong When One Man Ducks Down In Backseat

by Jess Butler
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Brandon Tyree was passing by two men who looked like they needed help with their car in Lexington, KY. The only problem?

They weren’t really in trouble at all — instead, they were causing it.

Tyree approached them in the parking lot of Davis H. Elliot Co., a local electrical contracting company.

“I thought their battery died, but that was just a decoy and a distraction,” he explained in a video posted on December 27, 2016. “And so, I was actually going to help them, but then when I saw the gentleman in the rear duck down and try to avoid sight, I knew something wasn’t right.”

That was when it hit Tyree to pull out his cell phone and start recording the alleged thieves. He said he couldn’t just watch them steal a heater from a company truck and get away with it.

He secretly recorded the beginning of his confrontation, but toward the end, it was obvious that Tyree was capturing their every move on his phone.

He complimented the equipment that the men were allegedly attempting to steal. The duo realized Tyree was on to them when he asked them, “Where’d you get that at?”

In a hurry, the pair eft the heater behind and reversed their car straight into it, nearly hitting Tyree in the process. Luckily, he was still filming it all.

His actions saved the heater from being stolen, which the company’s owner, Brian Vaughn, was more than grateful for.

Tyree ended his news interview with a few wise words: “You can’t turn a blind eye. It goes on far too much, sight unseen. So, when you do see it, you might as well do something.”

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