Bus Driver Realizes That Young Boy Knows All His Coworkers, So He Plans Surprise Trip For Him

by Kat Manos
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Brandon Hougardy may only be 10 years old, but he certainly knows more about school buses than me!

A student of Meadowbrook Elementary in Kansas City, Missouri, Brandon — who has autism — has always had a special fondness for school buses.

There are 159 buses and bus drivers in the North Kansas City School District, and he’s memorized all their names and numbers!

Brandon’s current bus driver, Dennis Cappell, took note of the young student’s interest in transportation early on.

“I was driving and I heard him calling out a random number,” said Dennis. “Well, he saw bus 48 and he said, ‘Oh! That’s Cher.'”

When Dennis asked if Brandon personally knew Cher, Brandon said no. It turned out that he had just memorized the bus number and name of every driver.

Brandon had kept track by overhearing Dennis call out everyone’s name and number via his dispatcher. Such a smart kid!

So, Dennis knew he had to do something special for Brandon, particularly after speaking to his teachers and realizing that the young student would even talk about school buses in his classes.

With the help of Jeff the dispatcher and a couple of people at the main school bus offices, Dennis surprised Brandon with a very special trip.

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Photo Credit: Abigael Jaymes/KCTV5 News

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