Dad Hits Gender Reveal Ball Into What Looks Like Gray Dust, But Then Hears Man Yell ‘It’s Blue!’

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Gender reveal videos are fun to watch because not only can you try to guess what the baby’s gender will be, you also get to see the parents’ reactions. In the video below, this dad-to-be definitely had a can’t-miss reaction when he finally realized the color of the dust in his family’s baseball reveal!

When Destiny surprised Brandon and told him they were expecting their first baby, he dropped to his knees in excitement.

The couple then decided to do something special for their gender reveal party by channelling America’s greatest pastime, baseball!

The plan was for Destiny — wearing a white shirt that made her belly look like a baseball — to pitch a ball to Brandon, who would be waiting with a bat.

After making contact with the baseball, it would explode in a cloud of dust.

As many of us already know, pink dust would meant the baby was a girl, while blue would mean a boy.

Finally, the time for the gender reveal came!

While their friend Brady filmed, Destiny and Brandon took their positions.

Friends and family were gathered to witness the happy moment.

Destiny tossed the baseball at Brandon, who took a huge swing and crushed the ball in the air.

But the smoke’s color came out unclear — that is, until Brady yelled out the reveal!

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