Mom Can’t Open Eye After Husband Nearly Kills Her So Doctors Fix Vision For Free

by Emerald Pellot
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Brandi was nearly killed by her husband at the time. The man intentionally crashed their car, dragged her from it, banged her head on a concrete road, and tried to pull her eye out. Her right eye was left severely damaged.

She developed double vision and, as a result, defaulted to keeping her bad eye closed. Her ex had ripped her eye muscle, making it impossible to control.

Brandi’s survival was seemingly miraculous, but every day, she looked at her injury and was reminded of what her ex had done to her — of the trauma she endured.

The mother met with a team of specialists who were confident they could restore and reconstruct Brandi’s eye. A micro-needling technique was used to treat the bulky skin graft on her eye. Next, a surgery was performed to treat her double vision.

Brandi was awake for the procedure, and the moment she opened her eyes — she could see again. After overcoming so much, Brandi says that she no longer thinks about what happened to her on a regular basis.

“My vision is great,” she said. ” It’s awesome. I never knew it could be this good.”

Brandi is now a motivational speaker. She shares her harrowing stories to help others who have been through similar trauma.

“Today, I’m happier… I’m more confident,” she said. “He did not win.”

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