Man Calls Brain Cancer ‘Blessing’ After It Helps Him Propose To Long-Lost High School Sweetheart

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Leah Palazola and Paul Russo are high school sweethearts.

The two have known and loved each other for years after dating briefly in high school, but it took a serious shock to make Paul realize that Leah is truly the one for him.

Just two weeks before he turned 24, Paul was hit with a devastating diagnosis: brain cancer. And although that kind of new would shake up anyone’s life, Paul says he thinks of it as a “blessing… because it has brought me back to [Leah].”

Paul says the cancer diagnosis put his life in perspective. One thing his battle with cancer did is make him realize how important Leah had been for him. She accompanied him to every doctor’s visit and chemo session, without leaving his side once.

Paul knew then how much Leah meant to him. He proposed to Leah, even though they both know that his cancer is “never going to go away.” Leah says, “He’s going to live with [cancer] for the rest of his life, but we hope to make that as long as possible.”

Even though Paul and Leah’s love is stronger than ever, planning a wedding amidst chemotherapy and hospital bills can be a daunting task. So a local clothing store called the Ultimate decided to help Paul and Leah out by gifting them a free wedding — and a free honeymoon.

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