Brad Pitt Always Dresses Like His Girlfriends, And These Photos Trending On Twitter Are Proof

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Here is a hot take that sounds silly, but when explored, will blow your mind: Brad Pitt is a chameleon who morphs to look like his girlfriends.

The 54-year-old actor has been linked to many leading ladies over the years, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Aniston. During his time with each lady, Brad slowly turned into their male twin. Over the years, he’s changed his hair, his clothes, his color palette, and his accessories — which wouldn’t be noteworthy if it weren’t for the fact that he appears to make these changes each time he begins dating a new love interest. A study of old photos reveals that even his facial expressions seem to morph to match those of his significant others!

Twitter user Sarah McGonagall broke the theory to the wider internet after reading a print news story about the phenomenon. She shared the evidence on a recent Twitter thread that went viral.

“I saw this news article about Brad Pitt and now I can’t stop thinking about it,” Sarah tweeted, with a scanned photo of an article headlined “Brad: The man who likes to look like his girlfriend.”

After reading this article, Sarah went digging and came up with plenty of her own photo evidence.

This has been going on since the early ’90s.

Just look at this.

And this.

This can’t be a coincidence.

Frankly, we should be ashamed of ourselves for never noticing.

Do his lady friends notice? They have to notice.

Even in Brad’s lesser-known relationships, each half became totally indistinguishable from the other.

Exhibit A: Thandie Newton.

And Exhibit B: Robin Givens.


Not to mention his iconic marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

But at least we see the truth now.

And as the internet continues to chime in with new submissions, we now have infinite pictures of Brad as a relationship chameleon.

A lot of people are, understandably, amazed by this news.

While others are debating theories.

And still others actually have noticed this before. (Thanks for cluing in the rest of us!)

Excuse me while I continue googling “Brad Pitt girlfriend twin” for the rest of the day.