Brilliant 4-Year-Old Girl Explains That Boys Need Manners: ‘That’s Not How You Win A Girl Over!’

by Stephanie Kaloi

Every so often, we might find ourselves in a position where we could really use some advice. If you’re lucky, that advice might come from a trusted friend or partner.

If you’re extra lucky, that advice might be totally unsolicited and come from a 4-year-old who grabbed her mom’s phone and had something to say about why boys need manners.

That’s what happened when 4-year-old Delilah used her mom’s phone to issue a new rule for boys she meets: They need to have manners.

Delilah explained that she was just enjoying her day, hanging out at a nearby park in San Francisco, when a boy started making animal noises at her to get her attention.

Delilah, being the strong girl she is, was rightly appalled. Sadly, as a 35-year-old woman … I have to say that the behavior Delilah experienced is pretty much par for the course.

Tired of such foul mistreatment, Delilah launched into an explanation for the boys out there who don’t know how to act right:

“We were at the track and a boy was trying to get me to go over and play and he was shouting, ‘Caw, caw!’ But that’s not how you win a girl over! You have to have manners and he was saying, ‘Meow, meow.’ Why was he doing that to a girl? And you don’t call a girl over like that, OK guys?”

Watch the video below to see what other lessons Delilah has for the boys in her life (and the rest of y ‘all).

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