Man Breaks His Ankle Almost Falling Off Cliff While Proposing And Girlfriend Still Says Yes

by Kate Taylor
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These days, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on men to create the perfect proposal. Of course, what constitutes “perfect” is different for every bride-to-be.

Some hopeful husbands spend months planning the perfect surprise, like popping the question on live TV. Others just get lucky and get photobombed by an adorable baby hippo at the zoo.

An extravagant proposal is certainly a welcome gesture, but there is always a chance that things won’t quite go as planned.

John Dardis from the UK experienced this firsthand when he attempted to romantically propose to his girlfriend, Suzannah Newham, atop a cliff. Luckily, John did not fall off the cliff — but he did fall on the cliff, causing some serious damage to his ankle.

Injuries and wedding proposals don’t usually go hand in hand, but John wasn’t going to let a little accident get in the way of spending the rest of his life with Suzannah.

When planning his proposal to Suzannah, John decided to book a weekend at a fancy hotel on the beautiful Atlantic coast of Cornwall.

John knew he was going to pop the question on a romantic walk along the cliffs.

But just as John was about to whip out the ring, he slipped on the uneven ground and broke his ankle.

SWNS / John Bett

The injury was so serious that John couldn’t move. The couple had to call the coast guard to come to his assistance.

SWNS / John Bett

As they waited for the coast guard, John realized he had two options: either postpone the proposal until they were somewhere less scenic, or just bite the bullet and do it right there.

SWNS / John Bett

The hopeful fiancé opted for the latter and popped the question right then and there.

Thankfully, Suzannah said yes!

SWNS / John Bett

The coast guard arrived shortly after and agreed to take these proposal photos to savor the moment forever.

SWNS / John Bett

In fact, these first responders were more than happy to be involved with the special experience. The official Newquay Coastguard tweeted:

The casualty today was a John who was visiting Cornwall with Suzie for the weekend. He was intending a romantic proposal but after slipping while waiting for emergency services decided to ask then as it was more romantic than hospital. She said yes! Congratulations to you both.

SWNS / John Bett

The coast guard even congratulated the couple with a bottle of champagne and tweeted again:

Update from our casualty yesterday who slipped on the coast path & proposed to his lady whilst waiting for emergency services. Champagne & a plaster cast, good combination! Best wishes for a speedy recovery &congratulations again.

Jokes about how John “fell for” Suzannah were in no short supply.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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