Family Put Hockey Stick On Porch To Honor Killed Players, Then Find Boy Paying Tribute On Camera

by Amy Paige
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On April 6, 2018, a trailer truck crashed into a loaded coach bus in Saskatchewan, Canada, killing 16 people.

Most of the dead and injured were players and coaches on the Humboldt Broncos youth ice hockey team.

The entire community was in shock. In the wake of the tragedy, Canadian sports broadcaster Brian Munz asked his followers to place hockey sticks on their porches as a way to memorialize the victims.

Victoria Heaney’s family was one of the many families who placed a hockey stick on their front porch. One day, Victoria’s 12-year-old brother Matthew came home from school.

Matthew plays for a youth hockey team, so the bus crash made a particular impact on him.

The family’s doorbell camera captured Matthew spotting the hockey stick on his porch. He picked it up and noticed it was wrapped in green tape — the Broncos’ team color.

Matthew started swinging the stick, testing it out like most kids would do. But just before he put it back where it was, he did something especially touching and unexpected.

Victoria posted the clip to Twitter, where it went massively viral. “Watch until the end, heartbreaking. #humboldtstrong,” she wrote.

See the simple yet powerful gesture that brought so many to tears.

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